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There’s a huge amount of great video game writing out there.  Too much for your humble hosts to ever digest by themselves.  This week, we take advantage of 2010’s embarrassment of riches and discuss some of our favorite pieces of video game writing from last year.  As always feel free to join in and spread the word about your favorite game-related posts, essays, novellas, treatises, and tweets!

Pieces discussed:

- “Okay, Kids, Play on my Lawn,” by Roger Ebert, via Chicago Sun-Times
- “
Groping the Map”, by Justin Keverne, via Groping the Elephant
- “Video games: The Addiction,” by Tom Bissel, via The Guardian
- Making Men Uncomfortable: What Bayonetta Should Learn From Gaga,” by Tanner Higgin, via Gaming the System: Tanner Higgin
- “Castrating the Straight Male Gaze on Bayonetta (or at least making room for other ones!),” by Amanda Phillips, via The Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory
- “The Presence of the Past in Fallout 3,” by Trevor Owens, via Play the Past
- “Riffing on the Flagpole,” by Michael Abbott, via The Brainy Gamer

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