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The year is finally over, which means it's time to count down our top games of 2021! It has been a wild year, with a ton of diverse and interesting games that caught our attention. Have a favorite game you want to shout out? Send us an email with your favorites!

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Santa arrived early this year friends: It is time once again for the Gamey Awards. It's our loving tribute to/roast of the end-of-year awards season, complete with custom categories, long debates about subjective art, and pseudo slash fic. Join us in donning your tuxedos (or at least your tuxedo t-shirts), pour a glass of champagne mixed with Mountain Dew, and get ready to turn this show into an NFT.

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The end of the year GOTYs are almost here! Wwhich means we are frantically playing as many games as we can before 2021 is over. This week, we review a few different indies, from a far-flung sci-fi future to a fantasy animated adventure.

Don't forget to tune-in over  the holidays for our yearly Gamey Awards, our top games of the year, and the year ahead!

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Shuffle those decks and bust out your floppy drives: it's time to talk about Inscryption!  This week we talk about the Fall's most popular deck building/horror/meta narrative.  Let's just say there are quite a few layers to excavate on this one, so expect a healthy amount of both mechanical and story spoilers in this debrief!

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