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Everything is in Fortnite, even Martin Luther King Jr., and Fortnite is in everything, even Magic the Gathering. Today on the podcast, we explore what Fortnite has become, a larger-than-life conglomeration of fandoms, part music-venue, part game-engine, part ever-shifting IP. Is Fortnite becoming the most powerful and versatile gaming platform around today?

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Sharpen your swords and your beaks: it's time to fight, but also to love. This week we talk about Boyfriend Dungeon and Death's Door. Both games caught our attention as well as imaginations. When it comes to weapon romance, what's your type? How does a crow wield daggers? Will we ever perfect our rolling abilities? All this and more will be revealed; just step through this not at all foreboding door.

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This week on the EXP Podcast, we catch up on some recent hardware news about Valve's new handheld device: the Steam Deck. We share some reasons we might actually love this thing and some reasons why you might not. And well can we actually try it ourselves? Who knows!?

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This week we're enjoying a grab bag of games that are getting us through the dog days of summer. What better way to pass the time than watching a Pikachu viciously dunk on a Snorlax? Or how about experimenting with recreational drugs in a cyberpunk wasteland? Or if that's not your scene, could I interest you in some material that was "liberated" from Shinra's R&D facility? Maybe you could use it as currency in your favorite free-to-play game?

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