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Late last week, Telltale announced it was closing down the studio.  It's never easy seeing so many people lose their jobs and some of the revelations about the questionable work environment make it even worse.  The fact remains that Telltale had a huge influence on the adventure game genre as well as the larger game industry, so we're taking this week to look back on the company's run and recognize the company's impact.

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Shocking revelations from Nintendo this past week with the news that Princess Peach is, in fact, a mushroom-person who is merely granted a human form using the powers of her royal crown. This week on the podcast, we discuss the latest news from Nintendo.

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It's September, which means it's back to school and back to games!  This week to do a check in on three current games we've been playing: Marvel's Spiderman, Donut County, and Into the Breach.  Now that I look at it, I find the variety between those games extremely cool.  Hopefully I can use this bounty to redirect my urge to binge on donuts into an urge to binge on games.  My waistline will thank me.

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Fishing? Who needs it. Crafting? No thanks. Alchemy? That's someone else's job.

This week on the EXP Podcast, we're discussing all the wonderfully crafted game systems we just never seem to care about. From skinning animals to make larger wallets to harvesting herbs to brew all kinds of potions. With so much to do, how could we possibly do all of it? 

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