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What keeps us out on the field?  Is it sweet taste of victory?  Is it the salty tears of our vanquished foes?  Is it the idea that if we stop we will instantly become a sad has-been, unable to compete in all but the most casual public matches?  This week we discuss what has been keeping us playing some of our current favorite competitive games.  Rocket League, League of Legends, Splatoon, and Smash are all part of our training montage.

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Far across the Atlantic ocean, in a land known but some as Germany, in a little village named Cologne, the games industry hold a convention so big it threatens to swallow us all. I have passed through this endless labyrinth of games, trekked through legions of gamers, and returned to the land of freedom alive. This week on the podcast, Scott and I explore the highlights of Gamescom, including survival techniques and hilariously bad cosplay.

Give it a listen, won't you?

Show Notes:

- Runtime: 46 mins 23 sec

- Music by Brad Sucks

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A stiff drink is in your hip flask.  Your gun sits in your pocket, cold but comforting.  Your mindset is one that doesn't just accept trouble; you seek it.  You have everything you need to solve a murder.  Actually what you really need is a mid-90s era PC and the endurance to face not only the harsh fluorescent lights but also the long hours sitting in front of a screen.  Don't worry though, Her Story makes even the mundane feel mysterious.  Join us as we try to unravel Her Story's plot as well as its novel approach to storytelling.

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Scott and I have spent weeks on a boat crossing the narrow sea to bring you our latest Debrief. This week on the podcast, we once again join House Forrester and drag ourselves through the painful, violent, wretched existence that is Game of Thrones. Who comes out alive!? Listen to find out!


Show Notes

Time: 55 mins 37 secs

Music by Brad Sucks

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