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The most prestigious and important video game awards ceremony is back again. From the best doofus', to awards in elegance, to the best waifu/husbandu, we are once again celebrating the end of the year with the Gamey Awards!

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Just in time for the end of the year, we reach the end of another story: Alan Wake II!  This week we debrief on a game created by and for humanities nerds.  Nothing like contemplating the death of the author while rocking out to Norse mythology inspired heavy metal!

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We're head to Vice City, where the sun is shining, drugs are plentiful, and you might get eaten by an alligator. Also, we retroactively predict the Game Awards winners.


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This week we emerge from our holiday haze and talk about the ways in which some large publishers are trying to foster a fuzzy feeling by appealing to a sense "the good old days" of established games and franchises.  This kind of packaged nostalgia is clearly popular; just ask the people paying actual currency to play the original version of World of Warcraft.  But what does it mean that we're drawn to these time capsules and does it mean we're headed toward a looping cycle where we reset franchises once every seven to ten years?  If so, then I can't wait for my Cow Clicker remake.

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