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We journey the land of dream and wander backwards through games to find the source text upon which they're based. Some have changed wildly, many for the better!

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Sometimes you just make one of those wholesome internet finds that completely derails your afternoon in the best way possible. My most recent example is my realization that a bunch of old video game manuals and guides have been lovingly digitized on Not only has this enabled me to pump those sweet nostalgia chemicals into my brain, it allows me to harass my family about how cool retro game art was with complete visual aids. This week we dive into some of our favorite instruction manuals and game guides and attempt to not sound a million years old.

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This week on the EXP Podcast, we say goodbye to a rarely used features on the PS5: Accolades. Is praise for your opponents dead?


Show Notes:

- Music by Brad Sucks

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Corporate machinations make for some strange arguments. This week in bizzaro mergers and acquisitions land, Microsoft is trying to downplay any potential regulatory roadblocks to the Activision deal by threading a hilarious needle: Call of Duty (while clearly valuable enough to be worth billions of dollars) isn't important enough to put them into anti-monopoly danger. Sony is of course twisting the knife and claiming Call of Duty is an "essential" franchise within the gaming sector and beyond. Regardless of who wins, we decided to take it as an opportunity to talk about the long-running franchise, its current influence, as well as what other franchises seem essential in today's landscape.

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