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We talked about our games of the year and the honorable mentions and now it's time to wrap up 2014.  Let's start 2015 by taking a look at the calendar and talking about the games we're looking forward to playing next year.  What do you see yourself enjoying in the coming year?  What do you hope to be surprised by?  Maybe a visit from a mythical fox-dragon?

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Last week we delivered out Games of the Year podcast, but that list is just so short! Scott and I have returned to further unpack the exciting year of video games and give a nod to some of the most interesting games of 2014. Some will will surprise, others not so much. What 2014 games are on the top of your list? Let us know!


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- Runtime: 37 mins 52 secs

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It's that time of year again everyone: the time when we make the painful decisions.  The time when we take stock of the year and elevate three champions that represent the year's high points.  It's our Games of the Year for 2014 (because who could pick just one?).  What experiences from 2014 will stick with you as we get ready for the new year?  Let us know in the comments!

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- Runtime: 53 mins 25 secs

- Music by Brad Sucks

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What happens in Vegas gets shared all across the internet! This week on the Experience Points Podcast, Scott and discuss the latest news and announcement from the Game Awards show and Sony's Playstation Experience event. You can prepare yourself for the show by watching the game awards show in entirety right here. For your viewing pleasure, you can also find all the trailers for the games we discuss in the show notes below. Let us know which these games you are most looking forward to!

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In what is becoming the World Cup of the video game universe (Sorry Snake, looks like Pac Man bested you in the qualifying round), the medium’s marquee mascots have gathered once again to partake in the time honored tradition of beating the crap out of one another (this time in HD!). We got our hands on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (despite not getting our hands on a GameCube controller adapter) and spent some time thinking about the new roster, Smash’s place in the fighting game scene, and weaponized Pokemon.

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