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It's time to sum up the year in the most traditional way: by having animated discussions about superfluous game mechanics, waifus/husbandos, and the most "gamey" games of the year. This is the episode that most exemplifies our "serious but not humorless" take on medium and it is one we look forward to all year. Thanks as always for listening!

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It's time to dive into all the adorable, terrifying, and black goop filled goodness from the Keighley's 2022 Game Awards extravaganza!

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Oh snap, it's time to get obsessed with a new card game! What's that you say? You think you're fully saturated by Marvel already? Well check out these foil-variant chibi avengers cards and then despair at your own weakness as you begin another game. Yes, this week we talk about Marvel Snap and its impact on the current gaming landscape.

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It's time to deck the halls... STEAM DECK the halls! This week on the EXP Podcast, we dive into Scott's latest handheld device - the Steam Deck.


- Music by Brad Sucks

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