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This week on the EXP Podcast, in between Sony's announcements and Xbox's big news, we discuss the state of big budget first-party exclusives and what the future of publishing massively expensive games might look like.

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I've always lived in areas with municipal water systems, so wells are a bit of a foreign concept.  But now that I've played Animal Well, I'm basically an expert.  I was surprised by the number of hidden eggs and platforming puzzles, but I guess that's just the miracle of underground waterways.  This week we debrief after seeing the credits, but most definitely not all the secrets, hidden in Animal Well!

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This week on the EXP Podcast, we record live from our sick bed to discuss recent industry news before getting into some games we've been playing - including BalatroChildren of the Sun, and Minishoot Adventures!

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War never changes - the streaming television war, that is!  This week we do a deep dive on the new Fallout series.  Who knew the post-nuclear wasteland would have so many cameos in it?  And are those the jingle of spurs I hear?  Looks like The Man with No Name has become The Man with No Nose.

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The Wii U, one of the worst selling consoles of all time, is finally shutting down its servers and turning off the lights. Today on the podcast we poor one out for a console ahead of its time, a messy, imperfect, but maybe a little prescient attempt by Nintendo to transform the gaming landscape.


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I meant to publish the show earlier, but I thought I could squeeze in a few more hands of Balatro.  48 hours later, I realize two things: that was a mistake and I'm now starving to death.  This week, we dip into Balatro, make our stage debut with Princess Peach: Showtime!, and evaluate Red XIII's surreal attempt at acting like a human.  Now, just a few more hands and then I swear I'll go to sleep.

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Everyone's favorite lovable stoners are coming to Call of Duty, about 50 years too late to be culturally relevant. This week on the podcast, we try to draw a line between interesting and relevant in-game partnerships and the pup-culture goop that is Content with a capital "C". Don't puff, puff, pass on this one!


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- "Everything is Content Now," by Patrick (H) Willems via YouTube

- Music by Brad Sucks

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It's finally Spring again around these parts, which means it's time for one of our favorite annual rituals: the yearly Journey playthrough!  For whatever reason, Jorge and I both had cautionary tales of resource scarcity and environmental collapse on the brain (I blame Barrett and the rest of Avalanche) and it just goes to show that you can still get something new out of a game every time you play it.  Twelve years on and we're still finding new treasures in the desert.

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We discuss why Final Fantasy VIII is actually awesome, how the remake is changing the legacy of the franchise, and what's up with the best (and worst) Final Fantasy games.


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- Music by Brad Sucks
"Final Fantasy is the Best, Area Man Claims," via Polygon

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Reports of us rejoining the lifestream have been greatly exaggerated.  We're back after being under the weather, but we return having played a bunch of new games.  We have Helldivers, Donkey Kong, and more, including 2024 gamiest-game contender Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.  While we're only a few hours into what will undoubtedly be an enormous game, there is plenty to talk and speculate about.  Grab a comfy cushion to soften this rickety old bench and join us!

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Last week the internet was buzzing with Xbox speculations that was quickly deflated by corporate-speech-laden "podcast" from Phil Spencer and his team at Xbox. Yes, some Microsoft games are coming to other consoles, but is that it? What does this, and could this have meant? Join us and Mr. Businessman to discuss the future of Xbox.

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We are back this week catching up on Sony's latest State of Play, which featured not one but TWO Hideo Kojima announcements. 2024 really is starting strong! Join as we discuss JudasSonic, and Kojima's amazing fashion-sense.

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Watch out, that pikachu is driving a tank and it looks disgruntled!  But perhaps not as disgruntled as Nintendo and the Pokemon Company's lawyers must be right about now.  Yes, it's time to talk about Palworld.  Part catching monsters and putting them in your pocket, part hitting trees and crafting gear, and all the rage on the Internet - Palworld has clearly tapped into something that both Pokemon and survival game fans have been searching for!

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It feels like we just caught our breath from the game release whirlwind of 2023, but there's no time to delay.  2024 is here and it's bringing a pretty unique list of games with it.  This week, we talk about some of our most anticipated games and make some predictions about the unknown unknowns lurking out there.

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Our GOTY-cast is out, but before we leave 2023 behind we need to spotlight some of the great games that almost made our lists. It was a fantastic year for games, so be sure to try some of these games soon before you move on to the hot new thing!

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We made it!  2023 is over, which means it's time to talk about our top games of the year.  Every year we challenge ourselves to embrace brevity and pick our top three.  2023's landslide of great games made this an even more fun challenge than usual, as did the ongoing meta game of trying to predict if our picks will overlap.  Next week we'll talk about some of the other great games that we didn't get to highlight, but for now, join us for the brightest of all the shining stars.

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