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Take a famous icon, smear it with mod and dim the lighting, and you've got a successful franchise reboot. At least that is what Crystal Dynamics is hoping to accomplish with their latest Lara Croft project. Even though two Tomb Raider games were released in the last three years, apparently the franchise is in need of a face lift. Join us this week on the EXP Podcast while Scott and I discuss Tomb Raider's longevity, Dragon Ball Z, Jesus, and what it means to reboot a series. As always, we encourage you to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


Discussion Starters:

- What aspects of Lara Croft remain iconic for you?

- Is Lara an immortal icon, or would a failed reboot mark her death knell?

- Can you think of any games that succeeding in rebooting a franchise for you?

- What games do you think desperately need a reboot?


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Show Notes:


- Run time: 32 min 35 sec
- "A Survivor Is Born: The New Lara Croft," by Megan Marie via Game Informer
- First-Person Tetris

- Music provided by Brad Sucks


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