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It happens to everyone: everything is going according to plan when suddenly, you run into a virtual brick wall.  Whether this obstacle is a particularly cruel boss battle, an demanding time limit, or a mind-bending puzzle, the result is the same: you’re stuck!  This week, we use Michelle Baldwin’s piece about her odyssey to slay a mighty dragon that had been tormenting her and a friend for months.  Along the way we discuss some of our own personal battles, various design choices that both lead into and out of tough situations, and the social dynamics of being stuck alongside others.  As always, we hope you stick with us until the end and venture into the comments with your thoughts.

Some discussion starters:

- Have you ever experienced any notorious instances of being stuck in a game?  Did you ever overcome the barrier, or was it the end of the line?

- Is there an optimal way to help players through rough spots?

- How does being stuck in a multiplayer game (either cooperative or competitive) change your experience?

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Show notes:

- Run time: 26 min 13 sec
- “Stuck,” by Michelle Baldwin, via
- Music provided by Brad Sucks

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