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EXP Podcast #68: Naked Ambition

As games evolve, more mainstream titles are incorporating elements of nudity.  This raises the question of nudity's importance.  In one sense, its value is derived from what it represents in terms of the story or the characters.  Nudity is also useful for examining wider societal issues and cultural norms.  But what if we had to assign nudity an actual economic worth?  Does $3 sound about right?

This week, we discuss G. Christopher Williams' article about nudity in The Saboteur.  The game represents an intersection of monetized, optional, and artistic nudity, and is an interesting case study for how mainstream games deal with exposed flesh.  We share our thoughts on the game's approach to bare bodies and then trade ideas about what the future holds for digital nudity.  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments (clothing optional).

Some discussion starters:

- What are the implication of having monetized nudity?

- Do you think there is a difference between cutscene and interactive examples of nudity from a moral/ethical point of view?

- Can you think of any games in which nudity was essential to the complete experience?  Are there games in which nudity ultimately weakened the overall experience?

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Show notes:

- Run time: 30 min 09 sec
- "The Value of Nudity: Considering the Saboteur," by G. Christopher Williams, via PopMatters
- "In the Nude for Games," by Jorge
- Music provided by Brad Sucks

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