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Our Game of the Year plates were just too full to accommodate everything last week, so this week we talk about some more of our favorite games from 2015.  It's like a delicious, unending plate of leftovers, so pile it high and indulge yourself.  Don't worry, the squid is totally fine to eat; it's only been in the fridge for a few months...

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What a year is has been for gaming! We've browsed through police interviews, parachuted through the sky, and dug deep into the earth. Now, as 2015 draws to a close, Scott and I return for our annual Game of the Year discussion. As always, we encourage you to share your favorite games that you've played. Yes, even if that includes The Witcher.


Show Notes:

- Runtime: 56 mins 30 secs

- Intrio & Outro Music by Brad Sucks


- Additional music from the Super Mario Maker, Rocket League, Life is Strange, Bloodborne, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain OSTs respectively.

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It seems like anyone and everyone can have an awards show these days, so we've decided to test that theory.  This week, we introduce our very own, highly serious, and extremely dignified awards show that will from here onwards be referred to as "The Gamies."  Ever wanted to know what was the most tempting money-waster or who was the best waifu/husbandu of 2015?  No?  Well too bad because we're going to tell you anyway.

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Winter has come at long last! This week on the EXP Podcast, Scott and I revisit the cold north of Telltale's Game of Thrones. This marks the end of Season 1. Did it achieve the great heights we've come to expect from Telltale? Does Mira get ahead of the drama at King's landing? Is there an actual Ice Dragon? All this and more!

Quick technical note, due to some unfortunate audacity issues there are a few pieces of audio missing from this week's episode. Let's call it another Westeros mystery and move on as best we can.


Show Notes:

- Runtime: 43 mins 42 secs

- Music by Brad Sucks

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It just wouldn't be the holiday season without a little Call of Duty, now would it?  Black Ops 3 is coming at you like swarm of angry bees.  Don't worry though: we're here to guide you through this near-future dystopia.  Rule number one: don't ever trust robots.

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It's nearly Thanksgiving here in America. Today, Scott and I are both thankful we are not the last survivors of humanity wandering an irradiated wasteland. It's the small things, y'know? Let's celebrate by discussing the game everyone's been playing: Fallout 4. And what would Fallout 4 be without bugs? They define Bethesda games! But do they break them? All this and more in this week's EXP Podcast!

- Runtime: 33 mins 59 secs

- "Fallout 4 Is Full of Bugs, But Fixing Them Could Ruin It," by Zak McClendon via Wired

- Music by Brad Sucks

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Two-headed trolls?  JRPG characters from the 90s?  10-second clips that spawn hours of speculation?  It's all pretty standard business for Blizzard and Nintendo.  The two companies recently announced some new and upcoming games (and in one case, a movie), so we're taking the opportunity to weigh in.

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The state of RPGs, Western and Japanese, ebbs and flows. It might just be the copy of Persona 4 Golden in my Vita, but right now I feel inundated with RPG options. From new spirit-trapping colletion games to the much anticipated Fallout 4, we have plenty of options for games that offer dozens and dozens of hours of gameplay in rich worlds. This week on the EXP Podcast, we discuss some of these RPG options we have out our disposal.


- Runtime: 35 mins 13 secs

- Music by Brad Sucks

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I recently returned from the Magic Kingdom and I bring with me tales of whimsy, churros, and missed opportunities for gamification.  Disneyland is all about fostering the illusion of fantastical, yet grounded environments.  Because of this, I couldn't stop drawing parallels between world building in video games.  So here it is: the definitive Disneyland review.  For your safety, please keep your hands, arms, and legs inside the podcast at all times.

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Halo 5: Guardians just release, and for the first time since the series began, the latest entry in the franchise does not feature split screen co-op. I only just learned of this travesty moments before recordings, so feast your eyes this week on some shock and anger as it happens. Of course we also discuss ways to bring the benefits of couch co-op to the online space, so maybe there's hope yet!


Probably not...


Show Notes:

- Runtime: 35 mins 02 secs

- Music by Brad Sucks

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