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Turn down the lights and turn up the Marvin Gaye: this week, it's all about sex.  Inspired by Rich Stanton's recent article on the subject of sex in video games, we take a look at the more amorous side of medium we love.  We talk about everything from Wii waggling to polyamory in this episode, so there's bound to be something to arouse your interest.  As always, we're all about free love around here, so feel free to express yourself in the comments.

Some discussion starters:

- What games portray sex in a notable way?

- When it comes to portrayals of sex in video games, how do we differentiate schlock from good stuff?

- How does one's connection (emotional, physical, or otherwise) to their avatar impact the meaning of sex in games?

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Show notes:

- Run time: 33 min 33 sec
- "Why Can't Games Do Sex?" by Rich Stanton, via Eurogamer
- Music provided by Brad Sucks

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