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The internet is abuzz with rumors and speculations about Nintendo's 'Project Cafe,' what most of us are calling the Wii 2. The newcomer will feature a touchpad screen on each controller, HD capability, and maybe the ability to read minds.  But what about its predecessor? Are we abandoning the Wii as a failure? To help us answer this question, we are joined this week by Gus Mastrapa, who wrote a timely and provocative piece about just this subject. Join us while we discuss the high and lows of console failures, the loss of console cycle excitement, and Nintendo's history of innovation. As always, you can find original articles in the show notes.
Show notes:

- Run time: 53 min 17 sec
- "The Wii Was The Most Successful Video Game Failure Ever," by Gus Mastrapa via Joystick Division
- "In Memory of Moon Leaps," by Sean Sands via Gamers With Jobs
- Music by Brad Sucks

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