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We had such a good time on last week's IndieCast that we decided to do double up!  This week, we welcome game designer Jason Rohrer to the show.  Jason is the creator of a host of games, including such well-known titles as Passage and Sleep is Death.  Most recently, he released Inside a Star-filled Sky, a top-down shooter that combines classic arcade dynamics with innovative approaches to procedural level generation and unique social aspects.  Jason and his games are always thought-provoking, so Jorge and I were delighted to get the opportunity to chat with him.  We cover everything from Picasso to Spelunky and even manage to touch upon lunar exploration.  We hope you enjoy the show!

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Show notes:

- Run time: 51 min 02 sec
- Jason Rohrer's website
- Inside a Star-filled Sky, Jason's latest game
- Music provided byBrad Sucks

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