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EXP Podcast #42: Title Bouts There is nothing like a little friendly competition to get a heated discussion going. In fact, according to Leigh Alexander's recent interview with Capcom senior director of communications Chris Kramer, rival development teams may lament their bygone days of battle. Join us this week while Scott and I discuss the Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter debate, the pros and cons of exaggerated competition, and some of the more memorable video game rivalries.

As always, you can find the original article in the show notes. We would also love to hear your thoughts on the subject, as well as memorable rivalries we may have missed, which you can leave in the comments section below.

Some discussion starters:

- Have you ever found yourself picking sides on a video game rivalry? Did this enhance your experience with the game or the gaming community?

- Do you think video game rivalries are healthy for the industry? Is there a genre or particular game that needs a boisterous competitor?

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Show notes:

- Run time: 25 min 1 sec
- Interview, "Capcom 'Would Welcome' Return Of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat Brand Rivalry" by Leigh Alexander via Gamasutra
- Music provided by Brad Sucks
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