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EXP Podcast #8: Patent Pending This week, an intrepid Internet explorer happened upon some mysterious patents filed by Nintendo.  The documents lay out a new system for delivering hints in a game, as well as a mode of play in which the player watches the game unfold on its own until they choose to join in.  This raises numerous issues in regards to game difficulty, the accessibility of modern video games, and defining exactly it even means to "play a game."  As always, check out the show notes for links to the stories and references, and feel free to offer your speculations on how (or if) this patent will be utilized.

Some discussion starters:
- Do you think this system would create new gamers, or simply irritate current gamers?
- How much challenge do you like in a game?  Does it depend on what kind of game it is, or is there a specific way of implementing challenge that is particularly appealing?
- How much interaction do we need with a game in order for it to still qualify as a "game?"

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Show Notes:

- Run time: 26 mins 13 sec
- The Kotaku article describing Nintendo's patent
- Some developers comment on the news
- Corvus Elrod's excellent exploration of the definition of a "game"
- Music provided by Brad Sucks
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