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EXP Podcast #92: Digital del Toro

What happens when a renowned filmmaker gets involved with video games?  It doesn’t happen often and the results are usually less than spectacular, but THQ and Guillermo del Toro are looking to buck this trend.  This week, we use this development as a starting point to discuss the what happens when established directors try their hand at game making.  We cover everything from artistic philosophies to the possibility of “dream team” partnerships between famous designers and directors.  As always, feel free to weigh in with your thoughts on whether titans of the box office can also conquer the Xbox.


Some discussion starters:

- What are your thoughts on Guillermo del Toro potentially making a game?  

- What kinds of skills could directors bring to games?  How important is it for them to have a lot of experience with the medium, either as a player or a creator?

- Have you played any games in which a film director was involved?  Which directors do you think would make enjoyable games?  


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Show notes:


- Run time: 26 min 45 sec

- “Guillermo del Toro negotiating video game deal with THQ,” by Ben Fritz, via the Los Angeles Times  

- Music provided by Brad Sucks

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