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EXP Podcast #83: E3 2010 Retrospective

This year's Electronic Entertainment Expo has come and gone, leaving in its wake rumors, exciting announcements, technical innovations, and underpaid "booth babes." I was fortunate enough to attend the three day event, getting to see some unreleased creations a few months early and bask in corporate self-aggrandizement. This week on the podcast, Scott and I discuss the ins-and-outs of E3, from motion controls and 3D technology, to Zelda and SOCOM 4. Let us know your thoughts on all the E3 announcements in the comments section below.

Show notes:

- Run time: 38 mins 59 secs
- Music provided by Brad Sucks
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Ed. note: I know, Twilight Princess is a Zelda game on the Wii.  Also, 3DS ships March 2011, not this fall. Sorry to get your hopes up.

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