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EXP Podcast #79: Laborious Longevity

Sometimes games are just too hard or too large. Is this a common problem and is it hurting the industry? John Davison of GamePro thinks so. Maybe this explains why so many people never finish their own games. Guest host David Carlton of Malvasia Bianca joins us this week to offer his insights on lengthy games, the joys and pains of difficulty, adult gaming habits, and cyclical gaming trends. You can find the original article in the show notes, as well as links to more of David Carlton's work.
- What long or hard games have you stuck with and why?

Show notes:

- Run time: 37 min 34 sec
- "Too Big and Too Hard, " by John Davison via GamePro
- Malvasia Bianca, home of David Carlton
- The Vintage Game Club
- The Video Games and Human Values Initiative
- Playdom
- Music provided by Brad Sucks

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