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EXP Podcast #74: Perspectives on Play

When playing games with others, the already-challenging task of learning the systems and rules is compounded by having to learn about the other players.  Differences in techniques, skills, and expectations definitely keeps things lively, but what happens when problems arise?  This week, inspired by Alex Martinez's article about how cute little Sackboy precipitated a big ugly fight between him and his wife, we look at what happens when players see things differently.  We discuss how games approach the challenge of accommodating players of different skills, goals, and play philosophies while also touching on some of the ways players communicate with each other.  As always, if you want to add your perspective, jump into the comments!

Some discussion starters:

- How much is a player's enjoyment impacted by their "gaming literacy" and how much is influenced by how they approach games generally?  Are there certain games at which you are not skilled but still enjoy because of their dynamics?

- What games do a good job of accommodating both highly-experienced and minimally-experienced gamers?  Do they do this through levelling the play field or by quickly and efficiently educating the newcomer?

- How can players reach an agreement about what they want to get out of a game?

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Show notes:

- Run time: 35 min 44 sec
- "Little Big Trouble," by Alex "Spaz" Martinez
- Music provided by Brad Sucks

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