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EXP Podcast #62: Distributing the Future
We routinely talk about the impressive content within games, but, in today's market, the way in which we procure that content is equally striking.  Digital distribution is changing long-standing traditions regarding how games are sold and played: an increasing number of both games and players are leaving discs and cartridges behind in favor of ones and zeroes.  Inspired by Evan Stubbs' article on the future of digital distribution, we discuss some the potential benefits and drawbacks of what seems to be the inevitable move towards completely digital gaming.  Whether you feel that this change will usher in a new era of economical convenience or a technological apocalyspe, feel free sound off in the comments.  


Some discussion starters:


- What are your habits regarding digitally distributed games?  Is there a certain reason you do or do not download games you could get on discs?


- How do you feel about pricing structures based on "segments" rather than as a function of time?  What kinds of privacy issues arise?


- How soon, if ever, do you think games will go 100% digital?


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Show notes: - Run time: 26 min 49 sec


- "The Future of Digital Distribution," by Evan Stubbs, via RedKingsDream


- Music provided by Brad Sucks
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