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EXP Podcast #34: Murder, She Played How many videogame characters have died, by your hands or another character's? Now how many of those actually meant something? There is something unique about murder in videogames in contrast to killing. This week, Scott and I once again spring board off the murderous ideas of Christian Nutt of Gamasutra. Join us while we discuss Shakespeare, revenge, and wanton killing. Christian's original article can be found in the show notes. As always, we encourage you to chime in by leaving your comments below.

Some discussion starters:

- Does an excess of killing in videogames dampen the effect of murder?
- Do certain genre's lend themselves better to murder stories?
- Are there specific murder stories that you would like to see in a videogame format or believe would translate well?

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Show notes:

- Run time: 28 min 12 sec
- "Can Murder and Games Meaningfully Meet?" by Christian Nutt, via Gamasutra
- Music provided by Brad Sucks
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