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This week's podcast was inspired by Katie, an intrepid reader who recently left a comment on something Jorge wrote way back in 2008 (talk about a deep cut!).  Jorge's post came at the beginning of this generation's co-op boom and Katie's response provides a good starting point to discuss the ways in which the trend has affected the way we play games.  How have different styles of collaborative gameplay distinguished themselves from one another?  What happens to in-game storytelling when another player is along for the ride?  Is the co-op trend a fad and how will it change in the coming years?  We touch on all these topics and look forward to hearing from you in the comments!

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Show notes:

- "Coop Mode," by Jorge Albor, via Experience Points (you may have heard of it)

- Runtime: 32 min 16 sec

- Music by: Brad Sucks

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