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America's most widely celebrated holiday, the Superbowl, has come and gone. While all of us over here in the Bay Area are mourning, Scott and I have our minds tuned to video games - well, sort of. Specifically, inspired by an article from Tim Rogers, we're discussing the similarities between American Football and Final Fantasy Tactics. Is Tom Brady a White Mage or a Black Mage? And what's a safety called in JRPGs? Join us this week on the EXP Podcast while we chat about fandom, e-sports, and more. As always, share your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to check out Tim's original article in the show notes!

Show notes:

- Runtime: 34 mins 13 secs

- "Football: The Review," by Tim Rogers via Kotaku

- "The Chris Johnson Problem," by Chuck Klosterman via Grantland

- The slowest bicycle race you will ever watch:

- Music by Brad Sucks

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