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Master Chief fan art
by Ling Yun via Deviant Art

What do Master Chief, James Bond, John Carter, Luke Skywalker, and Shakespear have in common (besides huge egos)? They are all lasting cultural icons that show no sign of disappearing from popular consciousness anytime soon. Can we consider all of these "pulp" works in a sense? Join us this week on the podcast as Scott and I discuss Halo 4, the strength of Halo's lore, and the lasting repercussions of 343i taking creative control over a modern gaming hero.

As always, check out the articles that inspired this conversation in the show notes below and be sure to leave your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

Show notes:

- Runtime: 33 min 49 sec

- "How Halo Went From Video Game to Pulp Empire," by Erik Sofge via Popular Mechanics.

- "Why Video Games Are the New Pulps," by Mark Bernardin via io9.

- Music provided by Brad Sucks

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