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This week, we board our bathyspheres to revisit Rapture.  BioShock 2 was faced with the monumental task of following one of gaming’s most revered titles and it was initially met with trepidation from fans.  However, the game is much more than a cookie-cutter sequel, and we spend this episode discussing the significant systemic and narrative changes it brings to the series.  

Some discussion starters:

- Did BioShock 2 alter your feelings towards the original game?

- Did the moral choices in BioShock 2 carry weight for you?

- How did the game’s emphasis on defending Little Sisters impact your play style?

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Show notes:

- “Groping the Map: Pauper's Drop”, by Justin Keverne, via Groping the Elephant
- “On My Shoulder, Whispering,” by Michael Abbott, via The Brainy Gamer
- Run time: 38 min 04 sec
- Music provided by Brad Sucks

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